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Deployment glasses popustíte your imagination and take you right into the new space, where you can:
• View and explore a virtual world
• view 3D videos and watch 3D movies,
• 3D games.

Key features glasses iGET VIRTUAL R1:
High-quality optical system.
• Comfortable padding for a comfortable stay in the 3D world.
• The technology to prevent overheating.
• Compatibility glasses with a wide range of mobile telephones.
• Magnetic induction key for gaming like.
• Possibility of continuous recharge the phone while using glasses.
• Ability to use headphones for a better experience with 3D.

Glasses iGET VIRTUAL R1, they combine features such as sleek design, simple and intuitive and, last but not least, a very reasonable price. They are compatible with a large part of today sold mobile phones, regardless of the operating system. It is a passive device that requires no power. Quality and credibility of virtual reality is fully dependent on the parameters of your smartphone. Glasses technologically become obsolete and can be used with a number of smart mobile phones.

The ergonomic design, low weight and soft padding is very comfortable to wear glasses. The glasses are fitted with elastic straps with a three-point attachment that the user can freely customize according to their needs. Ventilation holes on the sides of the glasses allow for ventilation, thereby eliminating the accumulation of heat that produces mobile phone. Through the air vents you can connect external headphones and had nothing prevents you from paying the full entertainment or just relax.

iGET VIRTUAL R1 through the lens assembly process two separate images and creates an image space. Use the controls on top of the glasses is possible to fine-tune the focus of the image and adjust the relative spacing of lenses to suit your needs.

Glasses iGET VIRTUAL R1 offers countless entertainment options in the 3D world. Virtual reality and develop its application in everyday life in recent years the focus of computer developers worldwide. Video and movies can be implemented on all phones with a display measuring 5.7 inches 4,5 (maximum dimensions of the phone 152 x 80 mm).

Magnetic induction button allows interactive motion in a virtual environment. The functionality of the inductive button is conditioned following sensors and is independent of the specific operating system.

Possibilities of glasses iGET VIRTUAL R1 are solely dependent parameter from your smart mobile phone. For full use, it is necessary that the phone is equipped with sensors such as: acceleration sensor, a gyro sensor and a magnetic sensor.

Package contents:
1x glasses iGET VIRTUAL R1 virtual reality
9x foam pads to secure the phone in glasses
1x cleaning cloth
1x user manual (CZ / SK / PL / EN)