Ghostek - iPhone 8, Covert 2 Series, Red (GHOCAS779)
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It is pivotal that you invest in suitable accessories for your gadgets. I recently realized the importance of buying fitting accessories myself. Two months back my dream of owning an Apple device came true as I placed an order for an Apple iPhone 8.

It cost me plenty and so I decided to get a stylish cover for the device. I liked the Ghostek iPhone 8 Clear Protective Case (Covert 2 series) over other cases available. I actually liked it for the styling and excellent grip. Little did I know it will prove to be a savior for me!

As a Page 3 and entertainment column reporter, I have to cover many star studded and glamorous events all year long. These include award ceremonies, dance reality shows, film premiers (Transformers 5 and Sicario were incredible), and so on. Of course interviewing celebs is a routine job for me. Last week, I had to cover a live performance of a pop singer and was also given the task of interviewing an actor who was visiting the city on short notice.

The Live show went off without problems and I covered it exactly the way I had planned. But what happened after that was a completely different story! I had thought I will meet the actor at the airport and since he decided to visit without giving a press conference, there will be no chaos.

In fact, I got a positive nod from his secretary. Somehow, the news of his arrival got leaked and before I could realize, hundreds of fans thronged the lounge area. They went berserk with excitement, throwing things all over the place. The star was soon escorted away by the security and cops on duty and in the mayhem I was caught unaware.

The rush was so maddening that I got pushed over and the iPhone 8 dropped from my hand. It landed on an edge of some cement. After picking up the phone, I could not stare at it out of fear for a few seconds. But that was when the surprise set in!

Thanks to the resilient, shockproof, and rugged cover, it was unharmed even after getting dropped slash slammed. The tough armor was the reason I could find the phone without a single scratch. I managed to send the part of the interview recorded from the phone minus any hassles.

Designed by Ghostek in New York




We like to compare the Covert 2 case to a state-of-the-art invisibility cloak. The Covert 2 provides the latest in armored construction in a so-clear-it’s-barely-there package. The durable polycarbonate back and slim thermoplastic bumper work together to create an advanced shockproof system, shielding your iPhone from every drop and impact. Every feature is designed to maximize your phone’s safety, from the raised silicone gel corners to the non-slip diamond grip. With wireless charging and Touch ID support, the Covert 2 case really has it all. Choose the case that always has you covered: the Covert 2 from Ghostek.
  • State of the Art Armored Construction 
  • Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection 
  • Slim Thermoplastic (TPU) Bumper Frame 
  • Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Back 
  • Raised Silicone Gel Corners - Shock Cushions 
  • 2x Military Grade Standard Drop Tested 
  • Lifted Bezel for Extra Screen Protection 
  • Unique Non Slip Diamond Grip 
  • Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible 
  • 6 Trendy Colors to Choose From 
  • Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included
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