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Gyártói cikkszám

  • Delicate and extremely durable, this is Slim Armor Essential S. A case made of a combination of two complementary materials - shock-absorbing TPU and reinforcing polycarbonate. Thanks to the two-part construction, the case ensures reliable protection of your device against scratches as well as more serious falls. The model uses "Air Cushion Corners" technology, which increases the scale of cushioning the corners of the phone during a fall. The casing is slim, perfectly fitted, fully functional and does not limit access to the interface and ports of the device.
    The product has been supplemented with a foot, which improves the comfort of using the phone, for example when watching movies.
    Slim Armor has undergone fitness tests and received the MIL STD 810G-516.6 certificate, which means that it fell 26 times from a height of 2 meters.
    All Spigen products are tested for abrasion resistance and a precise fit to provide a high quality case.
    - 100% Original
    - Elegant
    - Precisely made
    - Made of composite materials
    - Provides effective protection against scratches and falls
    - Has a military drop-test standard (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
    - Perfectly matched
    - Fully functional
    - Does not restrict access to external ports
    - Easy to assemble and disassemble
    - Packed in original packaging